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Commercial Money Market


Needing a commercial checking account that provides a higher rate of return, but with some limitations to guide you along the way?

Consider a Commercial Money Market account that provides these benefits:

  • No minimum balance required to open account
  • No limits on deposits
  • Earns Interest^
  • Service Charge: Fees are determined by the minimum daily balance during the statement cycle as follows:
    • $0.00 - $499.99 = $6.00 Service Charge
    • $500.00 - $899.99 = $4.00 Service Charge
    • $900.00 & Above = $0.00 No Charge
  • Commercial Debit Card can be issued instantly+
  • Online / Mobile Banking Access
  • Withdrawal limits apply1

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^ Interest rate is subject to change at any time, it is compounded monthly and it credited into the Commercial Money Market account monthly. The Commercial Money Market account requires a minimum balance to earn interest. Speak to any new account representative at your local SNB for more information.

+Subject to Approval

Overdraft & Return Item Fees Apply

Dormant Account Fees may be assessed after 12 months of inactivity when an account balance is below $100.

1Withdrawal limits apply. Federal Law categorizes activity into 2 types:
           1) Pre-authorized Transactions (limited to 6 per interest payment cycle):
                     - ACH Debits or Online Banking Debits
                     - Debit Card transactions
                     - Drafts
​​​​​​​                     - Arrangements to pay a third party from the account on a fixed schedule
​​​​​​​                     - Telephone transfers
​​​​​​​                     - Point-of-sale debits with ATM cards
​​​​​​​                     - Arrangement for transfers to cover overdrafts on another account
​​​​​​​                     - "Sweeps" from the Savings account into another account
          2) Unlimited transactions allowed:
                     - Deposits​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​                     - Withdrawals done in person at the bank
​​​​​​​                     - Withdrawals done by mail
​​​​​​​                     - Withdrawals done at an ATM
​​​​​​​                     - Transfers between accounts of the same depositor at the same bank, if done in person or by ATM
​​​​​​​                     - Transfers for loan payments at the same bank


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