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Youth Savings


Are the kids' piggy banks full? Come in and check out the benefits of our Super Solutions Saver Account!


The Youth Savings account provides these benefits:

  • No minimum balance required to open account
  • Unlimited deposits
  • Earns Interest^
  • No Service Charge
  • Online / Mobile Banking Access
  • Withdrawal limits apply1
  • Primary account holder must be 18 or younger.

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^ Interest rate is subject to change at any time, it is compounded monthly and is credited into the Youth Savings account monthly.

Return Item Fees Apply

Dormant Account fees may be assessed after 12 months of inactivity when an account balance is below $100.

1Withdrawal limits apply. Federal Law categorizes activity into 2 types:

  1. Pre-authorized Transactions (Limited to 6 per interest payment cycle):

    • ACH Debits or Online Banking Debits

    • Debit Card Transactions

    • Drafts

    • Arrangements to pay a third party from the account on a fixed schedule

    • Telephone transfers

    • Point-of-sale debits with ATM cards

    • Arrangement for transfers to cover overdrafts on another account

    • "Sweeps" from the Savings account into another account

  2. Unlimited transactions allowed:

    • Deposits

    • Withdrawals done in person at the bank

    • Withdrawals done by mail

    • Withdrawals done at an ATM

    • Transfers between accounts of the same depositor at the same bank, if done in person or by ATM

    • Transfers for loan payments at the same bank.

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