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Service Fees


Limits and fees

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

ServiceFeesService Details
Overdraft Fee / Return Item Fee$20 - $30Fee Disclosure
Periodic Overdraft Fee$30.00Fee Disclosure
Return Item Charge to Depositor$15.00Fee Disclosure
Collection Item Fee$20.00
ATM Fee$3.00Non-Customer Using SNB ATM
ATM Fee$2.00Customer Using ATM out of SNB network
International ATM or Debit Card Fee1.5%Fee Disclosure
Debit / ATM Card Reissuance Fee$10.00Damaged or Cracked Card
Debit / ATM Card Reissuance Fee$20.00Lost or Stolen Card
Debit / ATM Card PIN Reissuance$5.00
Dormant Account Service Charge$5.00 per monthFee Disclosure
Cashier's Check Fee$5.00Not available to Non-Customers
Money Order Fee$5.00Not available to Non-Customers
Stop Payment Fee$20.00 Per RequestChecking Account Only

Paper Statement Fee

*Only for accounts with Web Statement Requirement

$2.00 Per Statement

Applies to Bonus Rate Checking Account
Safe Deposit Box Fee

Small - $20 / yr.  Medium - $30 / yr.

Large - $40 / yr. Extra Large - $50 / yr

Not all sizes are available at all locations
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement Fee$30.00Can only be replaced if one key is lost
Safe Deposit Box Forced Entry Fee$150.00Used when no keys can be found
Research Fee$30.00Per hour
Letter of Credit Fee1-2% fee - Minimum $125

Request through Executive Loan Committee

Maximum term 1 year

Wire Fee - Incoming (domestic & international)$15.00Not available to non-customers
Wire Fee - Offline Incoming (domestic & international)$100.00Not available to non-customers
Wire Fee - Outgoing Domestic$20.00Not available to non-customers
Wire Fee - Outgoing International$55.00Not available to non-customers
Wire Fee - Offline Return Fee (domestic & international)$50.00Not available to non-customers
Night Deposit Bag Deposit Fee$50.00

Refunded when bag returned.

Not available to non-customers

Night Deposit Bag Replacement Key Fee$5.00
Loan Fee$40.00Non-Real Estate Consumer
Loan Fee$50.00Annual Personal Line of Credit Fee
Loan Fee$50.00Annual Home Equity Line of Credit Fee
Loan Fee$225.00Home Equity Line of Credit Loan Origination Fee
Loan Fee$375.00SNB Home Loan Origination Fee
Loan Fee$375.00Secondary Market Home Loan Origination Fee
In-House Appraisal Fee - Ag / Commercial Loans$250.00Fee Disclosure
In-House Appraisal Fee- Residential RE Loans$225.00Fee Disclosure
ACH Origination File Fee$10.00Per hand-delivered file
Return ACH Fee$15.00

For items originated through SNB 

ex:  Auto Loan Payments, External transfers

Unauthorized ACH Fee$5.00Per item
Mobile Deposit Capture Fee$1.00Per Item Deposited
Garnishment Fee$15.00Each

**Additional Fees and Services**
Call your local branch, or you may reach the main branch at 785-425-6721

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